26 Diy Screen Door Ideas

Have you ever needed a new screen door and wondered if you could just make it yourself? I built this farmhouse style door for our back porch overhaul using simple pocket hole joinery for a quick and sturdy assembly. Follow along to see how you can tackle this easy weekend project! The trouble was the door opening was not a standard size. In fact, I’m not even sure where you would find a door this size. It’s tiny! It’s like someone took a regular door and shrunk it.

You almost have to turn sideways to pass through it! Not being a standard size exterior door meant we couldn’t find a screen door at a big box store to fit the opening. The only option was to have one custom made. Linda got a quote and that was a VERY pricey proposition. When working with dimensional lumber for anything other than framing. If you’d like to have a basic screen door so you can keep the bugs out of your home while also providing a cool breeze, then you’ll want to follow this tutorial.

Not to mention, it has great pictures to help you through the process and also has a helpful materials list as well. A DIY wood screen door, without a doubt, is more sturdy than one from a big box store. Have you seen those big box screen doors? They’re sooo flimsy! I bought one for my house and I don’t think it lasted a month. That’s when I decided to build my first screen door.