26+ More Creative Garden Container Ideas

I suppose you could use just about anything as a planter. I collect garden ideas everywhere I go. However, you should make certain that you don’t add several things or else it will produce the garden appear cluttered. Get the whole family involved and allow the ideas flow. We want colours, varying heights and textures to create a fabulous focal point. But it doesn’t stop there. The actual choice of container adds a whole new element.

If you see something inspiring, take a picture. I’ve gathered many images over the years and they have proven so valuable when I’m looking for garden inspiration or trying to solve a problem in the backyard. The containers aren’t only convenient to move around, but could also be displayed indoors. After choosing the kind of strawberry plant that you want to grow, you must pick the container in which you would like to grow them.

It’s great in order to move your containers inside or outside, if needed, based on the weather. It is possible to also take containers of any size or shape to cultivate your favorite blooms. The sweet Alyssum on the first picture creates the illusion of soap suds around the carefully placed plates. I’m hoping to give you ideas for your own garden and encourages you to choose something unexpected. The notion is to construct a green roof too!


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