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Joomla Modules: Top Commenters and Top Authors

I wrote two Joomla modules to display statistics on the users who wrote the most comments and who submitted the most news articles.

About the Modules

I run a Christian news portal at, which allows comments on the various news stories which are submitted. The previous iteration of this site had a custom Top 10 list, showing the most popular articles, and the most prolific commenters. To reproduce this feature in Joomla, I created two modules.

The Top Commenters module requires the !JoomlaComment module to enable comments on your site.

The Top News Submitters module does not require any other modules.

View a demo. These modules are displayed at the bottom of the main content area.

If you need help installing them, please visit the official Joomla documentation, or contact me.

Download them

Licensing Information

Both these modules are licensed under GNU General Public License, version 3.
Article Manager module by by George! Software.